Friday, 30 March 2012

Double Page Spread- Stages Of Development

The first stage of my double page spread was to make the background black, I chose to do this because it would vary from my first two pages but still keep with the house style. Next I started blocking out my page according to my plan, with the two white boxes representing photos and the header in the top corner diagonally. I began with just the red text for my header, using the same font as the text on the front cover relating to this story and also the contents page. I then added my image but there are a few problems with it, first of all the header is covering the models head and second the background to the image is a white screen I used and this does look authentic.
After looking at my first step, I decided there wasn’t anything I could do with my image that would allow me to follow my flat plan, and would make it look authentic. Therefore I decided to change my image, I believe this one works better and looks more professional against the white background, it also makes the model look fun, which in turn will make the reader want to learn more about the story. Next I added my too smaller images in the same style as the main one; they both look fun and will help break up my text when it is added. The last this I added was the introduction, I decided to use the same font as the contents page to keep consistency. I also used the red to make the text stand out as this part of the story will attract the audience to read more.
My last stage was to add the interview. I chose to have the questions in grey and the answers in white, to allow the audience to distinguish easily between the two. By keeping the text in columns I have made it easy to read, and consistency is kept with both my front cover and contents, where I’ve used columns. When I was looking at my page it seemed too full however I didn’t want to discard some of my text, I decided to add quotes in the same font as the text but using the effects and colours of my header, this broke up the text and made it seem not too long. The last this I added to the page was page numbers in each corner, and if I was to add more pages to my magazine I would use the same font and colour for all my page numbers, to make it easier for the reader.

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