Thursday, 29 March 2012

Front Cover- Stage Of Development

This is the very beginning of my front cover I started with a white background and added a light grey gradient to make the background less bland. The mast head is in the left corner and reads “EMT” with the words “everything musical theatre” underneath, this instantly tells the audience what the magazine is about. I also added a banner above this to contain information about what the magazine contained. I first tried the banner red but it didn’t blend well with the mast head.
This is the second stage of my front cover, I have added a banner at the bottom, this time in red to add colour, as this colour didn’t work in my first banner attempt, I decided to try it in a different place, this time I believe it looks better, and works well to contrast with the image. I then added the head line across the image to tell the reader more about the story. I added an outer glow and bevelled it to make it stand out more and catch the audience’s attention.
Next I added the text down the left hand side, firstly to organise the text to make it easier to read for the audience and to keep their attention. But also not to cover my main image too much, I was able to achieve this because the image is off centre. My last stage will be to add a price and a barcode to make my front cover more authentic.

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