Thursday, 3 May 2012

EVALUATION: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

I have researched into the Bauer media group, and what I have learnt is that they do distribute music magazines such as Q and Kerrang!. However, they are categorised as men’s magazines, while I was looking at the women’s magazines they were all fashion and lifestyle magazines, there were no music magazines, and looking through all the categories there was no musical theatre magazines. I believe that there is a gap in the market for Bauer to exploit, and by distributing my magazine they would cover a range of genres they haven’t already. My magazine is targeted at both males and females as well as musical theatre and rock enthusiasts, which is a niche audience and will expand on their profits.
My audience are quite young, but I believe this could be an advantage to Bauer Media Group, by attracting a younger audience you are securing profits from the next generation of magazine buyers. Although the cost of the magazine is what’s called a pocket money price I believe that profit will still be achieved, as this is what my target audience can afford by keeping the price lower than the norm, I can ensure buyers.

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