Thursday, 29 March 2012

Contents Page- Stages Of Development

I began my contents page by starting with a white background and adding the light grey gradient the same as the front cover, to keep continuity. I then added a header in the same front as my text on the front cover. However it did seem to catch my attention, in the way I would want my magazine to catch the audiences, therefore I added a black background behind it. After this, I created the date and website in the same font as the text on my front cover, to make it look more authentic. The last thing I added was the red rectangle at the bottom which was in my original flat plan.
The second stage was to add the text to my contents page. I decided on using the left hand side of the page for the, to keep to the same style as my front cover. The font I used for the contents page is the same font as the text used on the front cover. I then added titles to break up the text, although they didn’t stand out against the rest of the text, and so I used drop shadow and outer glow effects.
Next I added the images. The top one partly covers the header, I decided on this because of the front cover image doing the same with the mast head. The other is across the shape at the bottom, but I angled it opposite to the shape to create a contrast.
To me the titles and the image at the top still weren’t standing out enough compared text, to combat this I decided to extend my idea of the red rectangle at the bottom of the page, by using them behind the image and titles. By angling them the same way I have been able to keep consistency, but at the same time create something that is more attractive to the reader. Next I added page numbers to the images to the audience could relate them to page featured in my contents. Lastly, I added some text across the bottom to give the audience an insight into what the story is about this image.
My next stage was to add a letter from the editor, I kept to the same fonts I have used previously, but I had to break this consistency for the signature, to make it look more authentic. After I had done this there still seemed to be a large space down the middle of my page, therefore I added a button to attract the audience’s attention, I believe this to be true as I have added drop shadow, outer glow and bevel effects to the text to make it stand out. Where I have placed a black box I will later add an editor’s photo, this will hopefully achieve my aim of authenticity.

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