Friday, 4 May 2012

EVALUATION: What would be the target audience for your media product? and How did you attract/ address your audience?

My target audience are both males and females from the ages of 16 to 25 as it became apparent in my questionnaire that this is the most common age range. However, my magazine is about the musical theatre genre therefore my primary audience is this. My secondary audience are people who like the rock genre of music, this is because I tried to broaden my audience by focusing on rock music in musicals. Most people that buy magazines are working class therefore my price will have to reflect this. To help me decide on an appropriate price I looked at other magazines and discovered they charged in the range of £2.00 to £3.99. An example of this is my style model Q magazine who charges £3.99 per issue, this is a well-known magazine so they can afford to charge at the top end of the price range.  I decided to charge £3.00, hopefully charging at the lower end of the bracket will entice more people to buy the magazine. To gain feedback I had to undertake audience research on my product. I gave the audience a set of open questions and closed questions, to see if they would have liked me to improve my product in anyway. So they would be more likely to buy the product.

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In 1980 Majorie Ferguson created a theory for different facial expressions generally used on magazine front covers. My magazine portrays her theory of a “Invitational”, as the emphasis is on the eyes, the mouth in shut but with a small hint of a smile, and the model is looking straight at the camera. I have also used Naomi wolf’s (1991) The Beauty Myth, which describes how erotic images of women have been used to sell products such as magazines to women, because women believe beauty is what society has told us it is. I have also done this by using a model of a similar age to my target audience, which will appeal to them. However, my image isn’t exotic but it does portray a strong female and the image makes her look seductive.

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